About MTT

Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) is the government body responsible for the development and regulation of the Kingdom’s transportation and telecommunications infrastructure and systems. With the overarching objective of enhancing the quality of life and facilitating the movement of people and goods via land, sea, and air transport in line with the Economic Vision 2030, MTT is tasked with developing streamlined and sustainable transportation and telecommunications industries to support the Kingdom’s economic growth. To this end, MTT’s responsibilities include the development, regulation and streamlining of Bahrain’s Civil Aviation Affairs, Ports and Maritime Affairs, Land Transport Affairs, and Bahrain Post, in addition to overseeing the development and regulation of the telecommunications industry.

Our Mission

Increase the competitiveness of the national economy and enhance the standard of living for citizens and residents by:

  • Regulating and developing the land, air and sea transportation industries to enhance Bahrain’s connectivity to regional and international markets, providing high quality services at competitive prices and meeting the highest standards of safety and security in the Kingdom.
  • Regulating and developing the postal services industry and managing Bahrain Post to offer high-quality services at competitive rates.
  • Developing the telecommunications industry through the design and implementation of the national telecommunications policy and plan.

Our Vision

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications plays an enhanced stimulation and enabling role in the development of Bahrain both economically and socially.

Civil Aviation Affairs Strategic Objectives

  • Regulate the civil aviation sector as to enhance the safety and security of aviation and activate the regulatory and supervisory role in accordance with the national and international regulations.
  • Develop and enhance navigation and meteorology services to keep up with standards and international developments.
  • Develop the Infrastructure of the civil aviation sector.
  • Develop the human resource capacity for the Civil Aviation sector.
  • Work with all companies operating in the sector to improve the quality of all the services provided to all users of the Bahrain International Airport.
  • Enhance Bahrain’s position and its regional leadership in the field of civil aviation and to encourage investment and job opportunities aimed to increasing the contribution of civil aviation sector in the economy.

Role of Air Transport Directorate

Air Transport Directorate is responsible of all aviation conventions, bilateral and multilateral agreements related issues, airline schedule permission, aviation statistics and visibility studies in the addition to issuing of licenses for all aviation activities.